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Hotel Kazimierski Zdrój SPA & Wellness

Discover beautiful space of Kazimierski Landscape Park. Discover good space in yourself.

Kazimierski Zdrój Hotel was built on the hillside of Zamkowa Mountain from which a beautiful view at the Vistula valley and extensive panorama of Kazimierski Landscape Park spreads. It is situated next to the Castle in Janowiec, not far away from Kazimierz Dolny and Nałęczów.

Kazimierski Zdrój SPA & Wellness Hotel is an alternative to crowded tourist centers.

Kazimierski Zdrój Hotel is an offer of effective, efficient, creative and inspiring scientific, business or artistic meetings in positive energetic space.

The Hotel moved away just a few hundred meters from the Vistula’s sailing harbour, the ferry crossing, tourist tracks, the castle and the open-air etnographic museum is a great trip point for exploring and discovering the magic of Kazimierski Landscape Park. It is enough to get on the ferry, ford the lazy flowing Vistula river and you will find yourself in Kazimierz Dolny.

The Castle in Janowiec

There are impressive ruins of the Renaissance Firlej’s castle just a few minutes’ way from the Hotel. This is one of the best preserved buildings of this type in this part of Poland.

The Castle in Janowiec has played an important military and economic role for centuries. Today this is the place of numerous cultural meetings, knights’ tournaments and historical reconstructions.

Tourist can visit this amazing monument for the whole year.


Kazimierski Zdrój Hotel is located in unique microclimate of pine forest which together with precious mineral water sources creates energetic, exceptional space which helps to fin dinner harmony of soul and body.

For those craving for adrenaline…

Kazimierski Zdrój Hotel i san offer for both those who look for gentle, soothing forms of movement activity and those who love when the concentration of adrenaline in blood exceeds the natural state. We recommend a take-off paraglider station for those loving adrenaline.

If you want to get to know Kazimierski Landscape Park with your breath taken away but from a smaller distance, we offer excursions in Kazimierski Landscape Park on mountain bikes, and cross-country skis in the winter.

We suggest balloon flights organized by the Hotel for the supporters of aerial journeys.

Family and integration tourism

For those who dream of a gentle, recreational way of spending holiday or integration party, Kazimierski Landscape Park offers a numerous number of attractions.

Kazimierski Landscape Park gives the possibility of its exploration on a few tourist tracks depending on the walkers’ group condition and their interests (landscape, historical, sport, artistic attractions). Exceptional landform features of the Park allow cycling, nordic-walking or walks at the picturesque and exceptionally charming Vistula.

Breathtaking nature

Kazimierski Landscape Park teases with its beauty. Mountain, forest, damp microclimate is mixed with gorges and valleys where the Vistula flows. It is a dream place to do observations of many rare birds’ species. The most interesting nature attractions of Kazimierski Landscape Park are among others:

  • Nature reserve „Dobrska escarpment” and the view from the edge of escarpment in the region of Podgórz – Dobre
  • Albrechtówka hill in Kazimierzu together with a beauty spot
  • Documentary post „Pożaryskich wall” in Bochotnica
  • Gorges in the Kazimierz area: Korzeniowy Dół, Małachowskiego, Plebanka, Głębocznica by the cementary
  • Witoszyński stream valley with the sources’ complex

For those following the traces of history

The most beautiful areas are those which have their own history. It is the same with Kazimierski Landscape Park in the heart of which Kazimierski Zdrój Hotel is located.

The most interesting historical attractions of Kazimierski Landscape Park are definitely:

  • Architectonic-urban complex of Kazimierz Dolny – monumental complex of international prestige
  • Ruins of Kazimierz Wielki castle.
  • Parish church from 16th century.
  • The Franciscan monastery complex from the second half of the XVII century.
  • Renaissance tenements of Celejowie and Przybyłowie
  • Group of granaries from 16th – 17th century.
  • Firlejowie castle (16th century) in Janowiec.
  • Wooden architecture open-air etnographic museum in Janowiec.
  • Baroque- classical (18th century) church in Góra Puławska.
  • Late-Baroque Małachowski Palace in Nałęczów
  • 18th and 19th century complex of sanatorium buildings in Nałęczów
  • Park-palace complexes in Celejów, Kęble, Czesławice
  • Manor-park complexes in Wylągi, Drzewce, Karczmiska i Annopol
  • Folk architecture monuments in Męćmierz and Rogów

We hope that the above description increased the desire to explore the amazing Kazimierski Landscape Park in the heart of which Kazimierski Zdrój Hotel is located.

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  • Widok na Kazimierz Dolny

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