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Kazimierski Zdrój SPA & Wellness Hotel – regain body and soul harmony

Our brain oxygenated as a result of physical activity produces endorphin, a happiness hormone, but only together with relax, nourishing meals, in a favourable atmosphere it can cause the feeling of deep, exceptional body and soul harmony.

This unusual journey deep into one’s heart to discover the inner peace, harmony and happiness Kazimierski Zdrój SPA & Wellness Hotel offers.

Get to know the diversity of our offer.



Who is our offer for?

  • For families and groups of friends, who want to rest, gain good, positive energy
    Enjoy the active rest together, care treatments, let the friendly aura of Kazimierski Zdrój Hotel influence the relations between you.
  • For couples, who want to experience magic moments in a magical place
    Discover the pleasure of shared baths, fire your senses thanks to aromatherapy and music therapy, experience a deep relax thanks to care and beauty treatments. Fall in love with this picturesque surroundings and fall in love with each other again.
  • For companies, which look for a unique, exceptional space for their company events.
    Experience a real integration. Make business relations more close to benefit more from the common work.
  • For institutions, which want to organize their scientific, artistic or business events in a comfortable, luxurious place far away from the crowded tourist centers so that what is important could have the right setting.

Our SPA & Wellness offer is among others:

  • Swimming pool with counter – current
  • hydromassages
  • aqua aerobic
  • sunny meadow
  • soft pack
  • spa bath
  • spa capsule
  • dry sauna
  • beauty parlous and massages
  • care and beauty treatments
  • aromatherapy
  • music therapy
  • fitness
  • healthy cuisine, also vegeterian one

Plan your stay

We encourage you to contact. We will get to know your needs readily and prepare an individually tailored offer.


Hotel Kazimierski Zdrój
Oblasy 199
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Phone: (81) 881 55 00